Anyone use Univ Tix that you received from Amex Rewards?

I have enough points on my Amex card to get 2 “free” 2 day park hoppers for Universal. Has anyone done this before? Do they just give you vouchers or mail you actual tickets? Is there an expiration date on the vouchers/tickets?

Follow up question. We will be driving over super early in the morning from WDW to check into Royal Pacific to take advantage of 2 days of express passes with only 1 hotel night stay. So my question is, if I do receive ticket vouchers how long will it take to swap them out for real park admission? Can I do this before I get to Florida? Can I do this at my hotel?

Thanks in advance!!!

We haven’t used them yet, but I have 4 paper tickets for Universal that I used Membership Rewards for. I ordered them online, and each arrived with the family member’s name printed on it.

Thanks dcblues!!!

So when you “purchased” the tickets on the Amex Membership Rewards page did you select “certificate” or “ecertificate”? Was there an additional step to get the actual tickets that I’m just not understanding?

Honestly, I don’t remember there being an option? They were mailed to me, but I’d have probably chosen an ecertificate if I had the choice bc I am terrified of forgetting or losing the paper tickets. We’ll be there 11/20, keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I’m thinking of doing the same thing! If anyone else has done it, can u let me know? Great question about the tickets versus etickets. I would also like to know if this qualifies you to get in the Amex lounge!

Mine say “Multi Day Tickets” btw. I don’t see anything about exchanging them - I think they are real tickets?

I have ours I got awhile back for our spring break 2016 trip.
They are tickets, but our names are not printed on them I don’t think.
I got 5 of them, it didn’t ask me for names, hopefully they are fine!
Great deal, planning on grabbing sea world tickets too. :smile:
ADDING: I just looked at ours, they have a place for us to write our names. Also, I got my youngest’s ticket later so I did the e ticket and printed it off, it says it is a ticket to take directly to turnstile.