Anyone use Lyft+Car Seat much?

We were big Minnie Van fans so we are super sad to see it gone. Anyone use Lyft + Car Seat option? Are they plentiful? We have a 17mo to work with. The DD5 can use a belt no issue. She meets the weight/age requirements.

I’m curious about this bc there are a few adrs where Disney transportation is inconvenient. But i thought only Uber has the car seat option in Orlando…
I have tried numerous times to make a pretend booking through uber just to see the cost of a ride with the car seat from the CR to OKW and it always tells me there’s none available in the area. :frowning:

I don’t have any tips but echo your disappointment in the discontinuation of MVs! We loved having them with our kids who needed boosters/car seats. We leave in 20 days and my DD6 and DD4 will need a booster and 5-point. Our last trip we had an Uber driver inform us that it was company policy for drivers not to provide car seats but that the burden was on the customer to bring their own. Not sure if this is true across the board but I am planning on renting our own car and driving for the first time ever on a trip to Disney. Can’t say that I’m all that thrilled about it either.

There are some drivers that have one approved car seat in the trunk, but you have to specifically book it and they’re often not available. And it’s only a forward facing seat, not an infant seat.

I should have said Uber and not Lyft. But this is pretty disconcerting. I guess we may have to bring a seat. Hate to lug into a park to check it in though. We will already have two strolllers. But buses aren’t always an option. We have an 8:00am Topolijos and a late CG that will require a mode other than a bus.

Ugh. I hate checking car seats! Sorry. But you’re right, busses don’t always work. Does Mearse provide car seats?

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Mexi-talian? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sounds yummy! :yum:


I caught that and was too lazy to edit. I like the combo though.


I have used both Lyft and Uber with car seats but NOT in Orlando. (We always rent a car in Orlando.) If you are comfortable with your 17 mo being forward facing, I think you will be fine. But I would leave a LOT of extra time on the Topolinos morning if it’s essential for you to be there on time.

I do not think there is a place in the parks for you to “check” your car seat either. I’m not sure if you meant check on the plane, but I would not bring one to a park unless you can carry it around. If you are bringing a car seat and plan to use it, I would 100% rent a car.

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The one time we used Uber with a car seat in Orlando the car seat was of the those folding deals, more of a booster with a back. It got us there, but wouldn’t have been my first choice.

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Yes, that’s the only car seat they provide. However, it is rated as safe to use by not only the NHTSA, but the very strict CPSC. It looks flimsy, but if CPSC days it’s safe, is be willing to trust their judgement.

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We did use Uber XL Car seat in October of 2018 for my then 3 yo son and we are a party of 5 plus we had a stroller. So things may have changed since then. Our first ride was from Contemporary to Animal Kingdom Our second ride was from Poly to Hollywood Studios. Both rides were in a MiniVan and cost around $30. I of course leveraged some coupons that were available at the time and used free ride for first timer etc. I don’t remember waiting more than a few minutes for either ride and of course this was Pre-covid. At contemporary (in my recollection) I opted for a driver that was 15 minutes away to have time to use bathroom x 3 kids and get down to the meeting point. At Poly it was early in the morning to try and get to HS for rope drop and get a spot at Jedi training and the car came right away. Also I remember one of the drivers forced my 9 yo to sit in a booster (she is very tiny for her age). So he must have had a booster and a 5 point car seat in his minivan. But as others have mentioned it sounds like they have streamlined their car seats and all use the same brand. I dunno I live in the country that was the first and last time I have ever used Uber. Hope this helps.

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Just saw this in Time magazine as an “invention of the year” and it’s already on my wish list. May solve the whole problem at least for my DD4. There is a version with a back that folds up also which is what was actually in the magazine, but quite a bit bigger and more expensive.

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