Anyone tried Uber or Lyft to get around WDW instead of a taxi?

It looks like Lyft and Uber rates are about half the cost of a taxi to get from one end of WDW to another (say, Pop to Magic Kingdom). Anyone actually done this? Anyone willing to give it a shot?


I haven’t. But I also heard that they are slowly being forced to charge the same rates. And also, people have been stung with some crazy tabs due to peak times, etc.

If I were going anytime soon, I might volunteer, but i won’t be there until May.

I volunteer but it’s not until March. We use taxis on property several times per trip

My friends are planning on taking an Uber from MCO to WWOS for the Expo during PHM weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes!

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See, why did I think they wouldn’t even be at Walt Disney World? With Mears having a contract or something. I have given this no thought! Now I’m very curious.

@Lentesta, we’re going to be in the world from the 17th to the 22nd. It’s been my plan to use Uber almost daily. (we have a lot of tight schedules).

It was @cmstpierre back in October who mentioned using Uber to get to an ADR, that put the thought in my head.

Assuming they are still operating in the area after the 1st, I’ll let you know how it worked for us and what it cost.


By the way, @cmstpierre wrote that she went from WL to CR for $6.

We haven’t arrived at the world just yet, but are currently staying at Gaylord Palms. This evening we spent the evening in old town. We used Uber and paid $4 each way. It was approximately 1 mile away from the hotel.

On our return trip the first driver that was assigned the call, called me to explain that Uber thought he was 15 min away but his gps said 22 min and based on the traffic he was in, he expected it would take well over a half hour. He suggested that we cancel the ride request and rebook. We appreciated his honesty. The second driver was there in under 10 min.

All three people we dealt with were professional and the cars were spotless. We will be using them again.


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Just got back from WDW last week and used Uber twice. Once from the Contemporary to the Royal Pacific at Universal - about $17. Then from Royal Pacific to airport - about $20. Super easy, super smooth in clean, luxurious cars (Lincoln town car and a Lexus SUV). And no tipping!!! I love Uber.


Do they have a website? Or do you have their #? I’m usually the taxi-queen and would love to try this.

They do have a web site (, but in order to use the service you have to use the app on a smartphone (iPhone or android).

Awesome. Thank you!

Good for everyone who is trying Uber! There are too many people buying into creepy fear hype that somehow a psycho is going to end up at your door. It’s nonsense.

We will be using them in March, just like we do at home :slight_smile:

Just back from our trip to Disney. We ended up using both Taxis and Uber. Here is what we paid while at Disney.

Uber XL Gaylord Palms to All Star Movies (4.6 miles) $22.95
Taxi All Star Movies to TTC 17.40 plus tip
Taxi Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios 18.00 including tip
Uber Wilderness Lodge to Grand Floridian 4.44
Uber Polynesian to Wilderness Lodge 6.40 This trip was at 1.5 x rate because it was Saturday night

The service we got from Uber was excellent. All the cars looked new and the interiors were spotless. When I booked Uber on Saturday night it was very clear that there would be a rate increase of 1.5 times the regular rate. I had to accept it before the app would let me continue.

We found that when we were transferring from the parks, we were usually in a rush and couldn’t afford to wait another 10-15 min for a car, so we took a taxi because it was waiting at the stand. If I had to wait for them to call a taxi, I would have called Uber. The wait would have been the same. The savings was significant enough that we tried to use Uber over taxis when ever possible. Disney transportation was still our first choice despite the cold.

Also, the convenience of using paypal for Uber was huge for us. The paypass didn’t always work in the taxis. In one taxi we swiped our card and the system froze. We had to pay in cash and hope we didn’t get double charged.

I will continue to use Uber in the future when ever the need arises. It was a great service.

@Lentesta, I hope that answers your question.