Anyone tried the Skyliner?

Just curious if anyone has taken the Skyliner? I figured there would be tons of posts about this today. We are staying at Art of Animation in February and hoping this is a game changer for us!

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Take a look here:

Took it from Pop to Epcot today! It was not as terrifying as I had thought.


does anyone know what the hours of operation for the skyliner. EMH is a 6:00am for HS. How early can we use skyliner.

I would guess in time for that but I do not know. I don’t do Studios.

I believe it’s 5.45.

Seems about right. Epcot line was not running at 7. They said 8 when we asked, but that seems late considering they do 8am ADRs. We went to Studios and walked to Bon Voyage Breakfast.

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The Times Guides now list the hours for each leg of the Skyliner. Currently, HS starts at 5:45 am and Epcot at 8:00.

Rode it yesterday 9/29 - it’s amazing, and a welcomed addition to Disney’s complimentary transportation system. Can’t wait to try it at night and see all the lighting around property.


does that mean it was still a little terrifying?

Only when we were stopped for a delay and it swayed a little.

Swaying? I’m pretty sure my MIL is going to freak.

Only when we stopped. None when we were moving.

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From what I’ve read on various blogs, it sounds like even if there is a line, the wait to get on the Skyliner is generally no more than 5 minutes. Is that true? Anyone run into a long wait? If so, which station?

Rode it on Sunday from HS to Caribbean Beach and back just because it was there. :slight_smile:

We stayed at Yacht Club and would have loved to have taken it from HS to Epcot to get back “home” but we were told it wasn’t running there at HS close as Epcot closed an hour earlier.


Huh. Thanks for mentioning that about the hours.

Seems like they shouldn’t close down the loop until both parks close since it serves not only the parks but the nearby hotels as well.

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I agree, but it seems that they don’t feel the same way. The EPCOT area resorts can also access the footpaths and boats, maybe they think that’s enough?

I don’t!

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