Anyone seen JBJB yet?

Any JBJB reviews yet?

Here’s a review for you:

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thank you, I’ve found a few now. It sounds like a solid attraction but not quite what everyone was hoping for.

Here’s a video

I think it’s visually pretty stunning (if a bit busy), but I’m not in love with the soundtrack and “story”.

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Who/what are “Prep and Landing” Are these Disney channel characters?

Not exactly Disney channel, a few years ago, Disney put out a dedicated 1/2 hour Christmas special centering around 2 elves that sneak into houses and prep them for the big guy. Think mission impossible meets Christmas.

I really liked it and the sequel, while not as strong, is still pretty entertaining.

Both of the specials and their follow up short, should be available somewhere online. Or just wait for Disney channel to play them sometime this year.

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They are ABC shows (which is owned by Disney). The two shows will be rerun on Dec. 15 at 8:00 and 8:30 pm EST, per ABC website.

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