Anyone planning to visit Universal late Dec 2020?

I have 2 weeks off from work and want to go away to someplace warm. Universal has been on my bucket list for a long time but due to pandemic I am skeptical. Anyone scheduled a vacation to Universal and how you evaluated safety precautions at hotels and parks?

I follow multiple Universal vloggers / podcasts. Like most of the theme parks they’re doing an “OK” job. Mask compliance is good, but the parks are crowded - especially weekends. Thanksgiving got so packed that both USF & IOA reach capacity to APs & same day tickets.

There’s an inherit risk in going into large crowds these days. I miss the parks so much, but don’t think the risks are low enough for me to go.


I went in Oct. The parks felt crowded and comparatively to WDW I felt less safe. They’ve since upped their allowance of people they are letting into the parks so I imagine they are even more crowded. They allowed face masks that don’t work like gators and there were less employees to enforce mask compliance (consequentially a little more people not complying than at WDW) and social distancing protocols. If you have a good mask and follow good rules yourself you may be okay if you’re in the low risk group. If you are a high risk individual or will be so anxious because you will literally touch people sometimes you’ll get so close in walkways and those kinds of things will make you too uncomfortable to enjoy I’d hold off till the vaccine starts rolling out. If you’re carefree and able to let that stuff blow off your shoulders you can have a good time.