Anyone need HS ADRs for 4/8-4/10?

All have been cancelled now.

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I wouldn’t mind picking up the 50s PT on 4/9. Mine isn’t until 2 pm that day.

Actually wish your SciFi was 4/9, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Oh, and we’ll be at HS on 4/5 as well! Wishing for a SciFi dinner that night!

Aww man, so close! I’ve been looking for an Oga’s on 4/9!

I can now add a 50s PT for 4 people at 2 pm on 4/9 if anyone is interested. Will wait to drop in case someone can use it!

Also, I have a Topolino’s breakfast for 4 people on Monday, 4/5 at 730 am if anyone wants. It’s not exactly a HS reservation or the same dates in the post heading, but maybe close enough for someone this week to want it!

Edited to add: Also, have a (much desired) Sci-Fi dinner for 4 people at 6:50 on 4/7 that I don’t think is going to work for us. So, if anyone wants that one, please message me.

I have a Plaza at 5:25 on 4/10 for 4 people to drop as well. Got a better time with extended hours!