Anyone like to review Touring Plans?

Hi all, I’m in the “getting close” phase of planning and am spending a LOT of time on the forums. I know there are folks who enjoy reviewing Touring Plans so I thought I would post them and am welcome to any input or suggestions! I don’t plan to live and die by these but like to get an idea of what I will be able to fit in.

Does anyone have good suggestions for how to force “the machine” to realize that you will be rope dropping? I’ve tried putting a meal placeholder to get me closer to the ride and also faking the ride itself. Also, does MMRR really close at 6 when the park closes at 7?

The plan recipients are me, DH and DS4. We are staying at BWV from the 17-22 and BRV from the 22-25 so we are mostly planning on walking, boating or ubering to the parks!

Epcot 10/18:

MK 10/19:

HS 10/20:

AK 10/21:

Epcot 10/22:

MK 10/23:

HS 10/24:

For EP days, Remys may not be open by then, but just in case, add 30 more minutes to your day 1. I like to spend more time in WS. But 15- 20 mins is doable if you just walk through, check out a shop or two and move on.

For HS day one, I would personally switch TSM and SDD to minimize the back tracking

For AK day, I would swap KRR and Yeti, again back tracking. Might even be able to do the Trek before lunch, maybe.

MK day 1, I would build in more time for SDMT and put POC after lunch ( ur cutting it too close) or maybe even put POC and Carpets after Buzz (less walking, Im not a huge fan if this if you can tell :rofl:)

This would be what I would do for me. I didnt run the change in wait times but I also dont have tons of faith that TP will know what to expect in this aspect. But this looks very doable, I imagined the walk through in the parks as I went down the list in each TP :rofl: soo fun to dream!

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I would also just add that, in general, when traveling with a 4 year old, I’d add some breaks in throughout each day. You want to give yourself some buffer time for the inevitable meltdown, potty break, “I’m too scared to go on that one” issues. I don’t know how confident you are in your son, but my DD4 did NOT like 7DMT, so my husband and I wound up having to use rider switch for that and then SDD later in the week because of it; she also freaked out after the stretch room at Haunted Mansion (not an issue right now obviously), but the breaks will give you time to deal with any of that (or the “I want to do it agains!” which are also bound to come up!).


For DH and my Dec trip, I have a 15 min break every 2.5 hours ir so (unless it falls with a meal). No kids, lol, just nice to have some down time built in :grin:

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Thanks! We took him last year and he’s quite the ride junkie. 7DMT was his favorite!

I do kind of use the super slow walking speed as an automatic break builder-inner. The first couple of ride waits seem so inflated that I just feel like I’ll be ahead of the plan most of the day.

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So do you think that it will take more than 30 minutes to go through Remy’s if we are rope dropping from IG?

I will look at the back tracking! Thanks! And for that MK afternoon I think we will just mostly wing it. I pretty much need to see what time I’m able to get for CRT tomorrow!

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Not sure if applies to other days, but this day you have no breaks for eating/restrooms listed. Perhaps you intend to do those things during the 20 minutes in the various pavilions? But since you aren’t allowed to walk around and eat/drink these days, you should allot time slots for this.

Perhaps swap Pirates with Aladdin. Doing pirates first, assuming the time is accurate (which is true about ALL of this), puts you perilously close to missing your window for CRT.

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Ooooh thank you! I literally forgot that I made a Biergarten reservation for that evening! Maybe that will change my pavilion plans. But ya, I did plan to “eat around the world” but very good point about the “sit and eat” around the world part now.

I forgot to take into account IG, so maybe 30 is fine for rope drop. TP wait times are all very up in the air anyway right now. But i like having a plan, a what to next!

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If it does open before our trip, you can bet I’ll watch every YouTube video or Instagram live of people attempting rope-drop before we go!

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Stick to the right, to the right I say! :joy::joy:


I just put in a “rest” for opening time and then edit like so:

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One thing to keep in mind when adding a rest is that the walking times will be wrong around that step.

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Right, because of the “bug”. Just add a best estimate of time onto the duration of the rest to accommodate.

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OMG you guys made me think of this post that @amvanhoose just made

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So this was what I got from Josh at EasyWDW for his Magic Kingdom walk through. I’m not even planning to do Pooh, so I’m pretty hopeful that I will be able to execute all the way to POC before a 12:30 reservation even with a couple of breaks! I can hopefully even squeeze the carpets in I would think.

  1. 8:20am – 8:45am: Standing at guest services trying to fix a Park Pass/ticket issue.
  2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: 8:53am – 9:04am
  3. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: 9:05am – 9:11am
  4. Peter Pan’s Flight: 9:12am – 9:21am
  5. Haunted Mansion: 9:23am – 9:34am
  6. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 9:39am – 9:59am
  7. Splash Mountain: 10am – 10:44am
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean: 10:50am – 11:15am