Anyone know how waitlists get "decided'?

Are waitlists strictly “first come first serve” for their stays or is there other factors involved?

I currently have a waitlist going for CC for a week, but even though I scooped up it up at the morning it became available, I still wasn’t fast enough and there was 1 day already “unavailable” right in the middle of the stay. (Cuz… of course it would be in the center of the stay)

That same week is now completely unavailable and I’m curious how Disney will divvy out the waitlist should that day I was missing become available (in relation to all the other people’s waitlist)? I’m guessing not everyone is trying for a simple “week” and instead did a bunch of “a day or 2” stays instead.

So for example, someone has a reservation for the following days (Same start, but ends on the day in question)

Even though I have 2 more days on my reservation, would I still get the priority (even if those other rooms might not be available) or would Short-Stay get the reservation, thus knocking me back on the waitlist more until all days all at once become available?

It’s my understanding that the waitlist process is semi-automated but not constant. So it runs in batches or something, allowing manual effort to beat it if you happen to check in between.

Your waitlist must match exactly. Did you not book the days that were available? I think first come, first served is the only priority. So if you are wait listing 15-17, then you will only get it when all 3 become available.

I think that if you are wait listing 7 nights and someone else is wait listing 5 nights of your 7 and the whole week becomes available, I think it would still go to the first bidder.


I just put in the whole thing as one stay. I didn’t do the split stays + a waitlist (that uh… woulda been the better way to go but ah well. Look, it was early morning and I wasn’t thinking clearly! Get off my back! :rofl:)


Haha whoops! It’s hard to think straight when you’re mashing buttons. I think your best bet would be to see if you can manually grab some of the days to shorten your waitlist. Maybe people are walking and the beginning will start to open up in a few days?


Possibly. We’re going to hit the 7 month mark here soon so I expect if it doesn’t go through soon, it probably won’t.

I was more wondering what “obstacles” are in front of me to consider sticking with the reservation or just pivot and stay somewhere else.

Oh bummer. Sorry! Fingers crossed for you.

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My fingers are crossed too!! Let us know when you snag the reservation. See, positive thinking! :blush::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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lol i’m pretty positive…that i’ll be staying somewhere else!


I think you would need the entire stay to open up at one time for the waitlist to fill.

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I would try to stalk the reservations and see if you can grab one night at a time. Keep your waitlists for the days you don’t find.

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@Randall1028 I haven’t really looked at it, and there is a monthly fee, but I just heard about this:

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Hahah it’s not serious enough to justify an extra expense. Thanks though!

It might not be for you but the report was that the second that a DVC listing is available you get a text. I guess you can cancel the monthly once you have every day of your booking.

I guess if someone wants to stay at BC during Food and Wine or GFV/CC during December, it is a great tool for $9 a month.

I am a new DVC owner so no expert, but definitely stalk at the 7 month mark as people with CC reservations may try to move to other resorts. And at least your waitlist is ahead of all the people without home advantage!

If you are looking for an obviously popular date, I would also stalk at the 30 day mark. I have noticed more dedicated reservations that are obviously speculative. If they don’t rent it, they will drop before the points go into holding?

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It’s for around Christmas time, and so far… it looks like Disney is going to be VERY VERY Popular this year.

There’s nothing fully available during that time on the Studio side of thing.

Not even sure I WANT to actually go through with it right now given how nuts everything is likely to be.

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I am going right after Christmas through New Years. Agree those studios are all booked solid (except for some Jambo house that inexplicably opened up yesterday).

I agree with you that it is going to be bananas and wonder what the heck I am doing. But my family usually goes for short visits, where we have 2 park days and maybe a party. So I figure if we have six park days and maybe a party we can take everything really slow. And I want to see the Christmas decorations. And use my points!

All that said we really want to spend NYE at an Epcot resort. So I went ahead and booked a resort view room at the Dolphin in case no waitlist comes through! Not exactly using my points…

Pre-covid booking December, especially a studio, was impossible too. I am sure there are many post here from me in January 2018 when I could not book one single night in a studio at CC. I worked hard at it and got my night but there was not any studios at 7 months.

There are times when you need the 11 month booking at a large resort.

The other thing that helps (also at 11 months) is grabbing those reservations that are being dropped as people walk reservations from October-Early January.