Anyone having DVC trouble today?

For the past couple hours, I’ve been trying to book a couple nights, but each time I get to to the point where I have selected the points to use and hit next, I keep getting the Seven Dwarfs something is wrong page. I’ve tried on multpile devices and different browsers.

I’m curious if anyone else is seeing issues this morning.

It still isn’t working for me. I suspect I may have to call.

Did you call?

I’m actually on the phone right now, but she’s having trouble figuring out why she can’t get the points to borrow…so I guess there is something actually wrong. I’m on hold now as she tries to resolve it.

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Is it that weird resale borrowing glitch?

Well, it is a glitch, it is weird, and it is borrowing on resale…so…I guess that means yes?!?

I assumed it would be fixed when they lifted the restriction. That is a glitch DVC has known about for a long time and they don’t seem to care about fixing it.

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That’s a bummer…since I plan to do one more booking on borrowed points in the next week or so.

I am gifting some nights to my kids for our upcoming May UOR trip since we have some points available. I’m doing my oldest son right now, because we have confirmed the dates with him. I have to talk to my second son before I do his. Hope I don’t have to wait again!

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Finally. Took some doing. I don’t know if it is the known glitch, but she did mention that it wasn’t just me that it has been happening all day. So who knows.