Anyone have the addresses to the parking lots?

I can’t seem to get a good idea of the address to put in my gps from where we are staying. We will be at the Grande Villas Turtle Cay is something like that. It’s on Turtle Cay Drive. Thanks! If you have a link even better so I can save it.

Grande Villas Turtle Cay?

I’m lost (no pun intended)

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Hit up the resort… they have to get that question all the time.

You’re trying to use GPS from where you’re staying to the parks? Just put in the name of the park. Once you’re on Dis property there are tons of signs anyway, you can’t go wrong.

The same goes for the resorts.



But if you really want to get GPS directions, just get the coordinates and enter them, for example, the MK parking booth at the TTC is

28°23’33.8"N 81°34’14.6"W
28.392721, -81.570731

You can enter that into your GPS or Waze and it will take you there…

Thanks. I think it’s just called Grande Villas Resort. I will ask just trying to get an idea of what time I need to leave since it will be o dark 30. Trying to wrap my head around it. LOL