Anyone have issues with trying to schedule ADR online and could only schedule 180 days even though I am staying on property?

Online it shows my hotel reservation along with the conf#. I ended up having to call them in. The customer service person was no help with why my online requests didn’t work.

Concerned I might have issues with fast passes selection at 60 day mark. Anyone else had this problem?

Strange, so the online dining reservation tool didn’t work for you? I know that it’s been “glitchy” but to not be able to make ADR’s at all is concerning - maybe you need to be transferred to the IT dept. I’m going to be making our ADR’s on Saturday - hope that they have this fixed up by then!

That happened to me… I’ve since read that you need to completely log out and back in once the 180 window opens to get full access to the other 9 days.

Good tip! I will be sure to do that before I start making my ADR’s on Saturday. Thanks!

Just did mine this morning. I didn’t have to log out, refreshing worked for me. There were some glitches. Occasionally, it would say searching for restaurants is unavailable. I just kept refreshing. I made 8 reservations in about 10 minutes even with the glitches. Oh and I also had two windows open to the restaurant page. When one window stopped working, I switched to the other. Good luck to everyone!

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Awesome! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Correct EthicalAddict… my 180 point actually hit this morning, and sure enough just as the OP said, it wouldn’t let me access my other days. Then, as you said, I tried logging out and back in again, and now it let me make my ressies for the rest of my stay. All together, this has happened to me 3 times today.

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Just experimented a few minutes ago, refreshing didn’t work for me, only logging out and back in.

At least I’m not alone. I ended up calling them in. And I got them all. Next time I will make sure to completely log out. As clearly refreshing didn’t work!

I did all our ADR’s on Saturday for our May trip and I didn’t have any troubles. I used FireFox which I find to be more reliable for using MDE!