Anyone have guess on November/ December park hours

My family and I will be in Disney November 27-December 6. Trying to find figure out best way to attack each day . Are the hours listed currently on the website accurate or do they change. What about fireworks etc

The hours are not finalized yet. Most likely they will be updates through October . They can actually change even up to that day.

As @PrincipalTinker says, the hours can change up to and including the day of.

However, in my experience the original predicted hours that TP had tend to be pretty close to the final park hours. Unfortunately TP replaces them with the “official” hours as soon as they are announced. @len - is it possible to keep displaying the predictions to give people an idea of what changes might be happening closer to the day? Or would that confuse people too much?

That might be confusing. An alternative is to use the Crowd Tracker, which will tell you when we change the crowd level estimates for those dates.

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I also look back at historical data being careful to use the day of the week in the month (i.e. The Monday before Thanksgiving; the second Tuesday in July) as reference. Most times once the current ones get updated they are pretty on target.