Anyone have experience using gift cards in parks and resorts?

I purchased all our gift cards for our Disney trip today. That is how we’re paying for all our food and extras. I know you can use the Disney gift cards for pretty much anything, so this will help us stay within our budget.

We’re going to Universal the last few days of our Orlando trip. I would love to do the same. We have the dining plan, but I know we’ll end up spending more on food plus souvenirs. There is an option to add a gift card to my vacation package that I can then pick up once we get to the parks that first day. My question is…is it worth it? Can I use it at the hotel, Citywalk AND inside the park? Their site says it’s accepted “most places”, but there is no definitive list which makes me nervous. At least with a Disney gc, I can make a purchase online. You can’t do that with a Universal gc. We don’t go often enough so I definitely don’t want a huge balance left on it.

We have used Disney GCs to go to the front desk and pay for things we had charged to our room with no issues at the front desk. I am not sure how it works at Universal. I do know that for Disney you actually have the same thing said but I’ve never had issues with it.