Anyone have DVC rental cancelled on them?

We are considering renting DVC from David’s or one of the other rental companies. Has anyone done this and had the reservation pulled at the last minute? I know I can buy travel insurance to cover the cost, but I am worried I would not be able to get a regular room reservation at the last minute if this were to happen.

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I bought from David’s and it’s legit. We went over Thanksgiving.

I heard, not sure, but how true, that the owners don’t get paid until you check in. So there’s really no point of them pulling it. I also think they have to sign a contract so they could be sued if they did that. I had that thought in the back of my mind, but did not have any issue. Would rent from David’s again, whenever we can go back.

First off, David’s would do everything they can to get you something if the reservation was cancelled, and would refund your money if they couldn’t.

Owners sign a contract too, and 30% of the payment is withheld until the renter has checked in.

But a couple of things could happen:

  1. the reservation would be cancelled if the owner fell behind with the mortgage payments on their DVC ownership or on their annual dues

  2. the reservation could be cancelled by DVC if there were issues with the inventory, just as happened with someone on here recently. In those cases DVC will offer the owner an alternative; however if that alternative isn’t acceptable they would simply return the points and so the renter would be left without one. Again, you would get a refund.

The second of those is equally possible with a booking at any Disney resort. If they have to take rooms out of inventory, they offer an alternative. And ultimately if you refuse that alternative you end up with nothing.

So yes, it is possible the reservation could be cancelled. But highly unlikely.


Good to know. I never had an issue and thought it was as smooth as could possibly be.

Thank you. If the owner has to sign a contract too that makes me feel more comfortable. For the difference in price I think we will give it a try.

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You can rest easy with renting from a broker.

Just be aware that there are no cancellations and no changes. Look into travel insurance.

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This is true. And I had to pay within 24 hours of the resort becoming available. If I didn’t pay, it would go to someone else and I could potentially lose my deposit. We jumped on it though and were very happy we did.

Not me personally, but a close friend going in May had one canceled this year. While it created some tense moments, it actually turned out pretty good. Disney canceled it, so the guess is it was they fell behind on the mortgage on it. Rental company couldn’t find a replacement at same resort, but offered to pay 150% of what they paid for him to go direct with Disney. After they rebooked when discounts were released he was within 100 of the original cost.

I was very impressed with David’s response and so was he. Gives me confidence in my choice to do the same the same thing for my upcoming trip.