Anyone have a Memory Maker group Feb 2018

I’m looking to join one with dates that run 2/26-2/28.



Might also be interested to join a group if possible, going Feb 6, 7, 8, 12 and 14.

I also responded to another group about doing this. We will be going March 1-6. Only one day on a parkhopper to Magic Kingdom and Epcot then some family and Boutique pictures at Disney Springs. I am interested in joining a group but do not know how it works or where to even begin.

We will be there from 2/7-2/14 and would be interested in sharing.

Has anyone of you done a share before? Would one Memory Maker work for Feb 6 till March 6?

MM expires 30 days after you first download a photo, and photos expire 45 days after it was taken, so if we only download photos after March 6, it would work, right?

Original poster here. I have been part of a share but have never run one. Does anyone want to take charge? I do believe that our dates would be fine from 2/6-3/6.


I have never been in a share so also never ran one, but I wouldn’t mind doing it after doing some research.

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If all of you (@barbkeen @MichelleinNH and @leli) join, we are with 4, which seems like the perfect amount.

Could everyone who wants to join PM me their email? Would be easier to communicate :). I’ll set up the dummy account if everyone agrees?

I just sent you a message and thought it was PM but not sure. I think I titled it Memory Maker Share. We actually fly out so March 5 would be the last day it would be used. am not sure how to PM you if what I did was’t it.

Yeah that was a PM! Alright so if March 5 is the last day, we’ll be able to start downloading our pictures March 6. We’ll just have to make a schedule for when everyone wants to download them, apparently it’s best if only one person downloads pictures at a time. Not sure why but apparently that’s usual for shares.

Hopefully what I did was a PM too. I’ve only been on touring plans for a week and it’s different from most forums I’ve been on.

Just edited because I found this on another site:

Quoted from another forum: " I’ve never done it myself, but I’ve been researching and reading quite a bit (anything Disney related to get me though the days…). Basically to do the share we would list each other as friends in My Disney Experience and check the option to share photos. Only the person who actually purchased the MM would be able to download the pics, so they would need to download and send to any other parties. Everyone who is linked can view, add, and edit photos. Any photopass pics taken by anyone linked as a friend to the shared account would be uploaded to the MM account. "


If there is still room, we will be there the 27th-1st. I would love to get into a group. I have been in one before, but have never ran one.

There’s most likely room, even if everyone here participates, we’re with 5 so that would work. If you could PM me your email? I’m still gathering the group, and will email everyone when we’re ready.

We are headed down the 11th. But I have to be honest - I’ve purchased MM before, but never had participated in a group share. Hows it work and what are the benefits?

For some reason my PM emails are coming back to me that they aren’t going through. I don’t want you to be left hanging. I am glad some others are interested in joining you. My family just wants to do it like we did last time as they were downloading the pictures right away and that is what they want to be able to do so we won’t be joining the group. I hate to lose the savings but I am out voted. There are 18 of us.
Thanks for offering to include us.
Have fun.

The benefit is the huge savings. If we’re with 5, it would come come down to just $34 per family instead of $169. I will set up a dummy account, which will have MM. We will all link as friends to that account, so our photos are linked to that account. When the last family of our group finishes their trip, we can start downloading our photos though the dummy account. And because we’ll use a dummy account, we won’t be able to accidentally cancel eachothers plans.

Please PM me your email if you want to join!

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Hoping we can get at least five to join our share!


We’re with 5 total now, which is a great amount :). @leli and @amcrum613, if you could PM me your email? I will start setting it up when I receive your email!

Hi Jerry, Just sent you a PM with the email. Please let me know if you need anything additional or what the next steps are. Thanks again for coordinating this!

do you room for 1 more. in the memory maker.