Anyone have a daughter who cheers and has done Summit?

My DD (almost 11) is doing competitive cheer this year and their ultimate goal is to qualify for “Summit” which is the weekend of May 3-5 at WDW.

Has anyone been on this side of things? Curious how it works and if they have time to do park stuff, or if I would need to tack on extra days to do any parks. Are the comps at ESPN? Someplace outside?

We currently have trip planned for Thanksgiving week. If their team qualifies and they DO end up going, it would just be DD and I in May and likely be very last-minute since they won;t know if they qualify until sometime in April. The only thing I am not loving is that coaches said the whole team has to all stay in one hotel together and it will be a Value Resort, most like AS Sports :frowning: I have never done a value and I am picturing thousands of cheerleaders and their moms crowing the hotel, crazy long bus waits, etc.