Anyone going to F&W Festival in the first week or so? A favor to ask

If anyone is going to be there early, would you mind getting an extra F&W booklet and mailing to me? I’d send you a postage-paid envelope. We’re going on the 17th and I’d like to be able to look it over with my ladies so we can discuss what we all want to try.

I’ll be there on the 29th and 30th. Email me your address and I’ll mail them to you once I’m back. I’m in WDW until 8/31 then will be dealing with some back to school craziness so I’ll probably mail them out to you on Sept. 3rd if that’s ok. My email is

That’s awesome, thanks so much! I’ll send the e-mail now.

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Do you have the app too?

Which app?

The WDW Food&Wine App is a third party app but has all of the booths, menus, and a map. It lets you mark which items you want to try, rate them after, etc. I used it for Flower and Garden and it worked really well so I’ll be using it again for my F&W visit in October!


Oooooh! I didn’t know. I’ll get it now.

In case anyone needs it:

It updates for all EP festivals !


Seeing prices that they posted on disneyfoodblog (they posted photos of the menus yesterday), I’m getting more excited.

FWIW, I took the menu prices from 10 kiosks (the first 10 in the list, because I’m lazy) did some math, and the mean food item price came out to $5.95, but that’s influenced by a few high priced items (I’m looking at you, $10 caramel apple popcorn that’s amazingly still a snack credit item). The actual average item price seems to be around $5.50 with many items under $5, especially if you’re not looking for meat.


Drink prices are a bit harder to pin down, but generally it looks like beers & ciders are $4.5-6.00, cocktails are $9-11, and wines are $5-16.