Anyone going to DS today?

At 10:00 am, Disney Springs re-opens! (Yay!) I was surprised to see that 44 venues are opening…far more than early reporting on the opening made it seem. Given this, I’m a little surprised Disney isn’t just going ahead with opening their locations as well at the same time. But I’m sure they have their reasons.

Regardless, I’m curious if anyone is planning to be there? I’m anxious to get a feet-on-the-ground report. I’m sure DFB Guide will have a blog about it and video in the coming days…but it would be nice to see someone’s first-hand account from here.


There are a group of liners on chat going today. They will be reporting in the app.


First post I have seen:

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Awesome. Thanks!

A special team of Cast Members await as you enter the shopping, dining, and entertainment district. This team, consisting of former Resort Children’s Activities Cast, reminds guests to partake in safe practices like wearing masks and social distancing, but with a fun and engaging Disney twist.

If there’s one upside to this Worst of All Possible Timelines, it’s that the jokes write themselves.

Also too, “fun and engaging Disney twist” beggars belief.

Also too, redux, those CMs deserve about $100 an hour.


Let me try this again…my son just sent me this:

He wants to know what you wait for?


I imagine it’s for people who believe they’re only failing the test because of the Florida heat rather than actual illness.
If they give them the chance to cool down and they still fail, perhaps they’ll be more likely to leave without a fuss :thinking:


Waiting for the Tylenol to kick in. :wink:


Lol, he took it as “ Just wait out the Coronavirus in this sick tent”.


It’s your opportunity to sit for a while in a confined space with other possible infected people to make sure that you really have caught the virus. :crazy_face:


That doesn’t make sense. The only entry to Disney Springs right now is via the two garages. The temperature screenings are at the two open passages between the garages and the Disney Springs common areas. That tent is by Earl of Sandwich, which is about as far as one can get from either garage. So it doesn’t follow that there would be a cool-down tent associated with temperature screenings by Earl of Sandwich, a spot where only those who pass the temperature screenings are supposed to be.

Well if it has air con and Disney Plus I might be ok with that :rofl:


It seems to me the cooling tent is really just an attempt to appease folks who might want to claim they are just hot. (Which might, in rare cases, actually be true.)

I’d be willing to bet the tent is rarely actually used.


Okay, I think WDW operations are spying on me or maybe this board.

A couple of weeks when the Shanghai Disneyland opening video came out a few of you were grossed out about touching garbage cans, I said the simple solution was opening the tops.

This was posted on Twitter by Dewayne Bevil, Orlando Sentinel Theme Park reporter


Has anyone heard what the attendance is like at Disney Springs since it reopened? Wondering if locals are venturing out or staying put.

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There are four entrances (and were from the beginning).

As well as those two garages, the pedestrian bridge from Hotel Plaza Blvd and the ride share location are also entry points.

Not sure though how you would be escorted to the tents though, unless there are tents at each entry point which would make way more sense.

I know on the podcast he said that tent was right next to his entry point.

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Maybe not. My employer has been doing temperature screenings since late March. The process has changed many times. Non contact temperature measurements are reading your skin temperature and not your body temperature. The first process was a drive through tent which lasted two days. The next process was to park and walk a distance to main lobby for screening. This lasted less than a week. There was low skin temperatures from the walk in below freezing temperatures. Next was park at lobby to reduce outside exposure. Now they have eliminate the hand helds and use IR cameras on tripods. I stand in box and see my temperature reading on a monitor. Last week was the first time I had a reasonable temperature above 97.0. Typically I would see between 94 and 96F.