Anyone going to AK before January 31, 2018?


Just touched down in Dallas after our date weekend at WDW.

Will any of my Liner friends be going to the parks before the end of this month (by Jan 31)? Anyone going to Animal Kingdom.and was not able to book fast passes at 60 days out?

I have a little something we were unable to use while there and I’d like to mail it to you.

Please PM me, if that’s a feature here, otherwise just reply.

How very intriguing!
We will be at AK on Fri, 1/26 and Mon, 1/30…but we fly out on Wed, 1/24. Whatever it is probably wouldn’t get to us in time! Unless it can be sent to our vacation home?? :confused:

I will be there the 30th, leaving early on the 27th.

Ooh, I didn’t think about mail time and travel time!

Yes, I could mail to a vacation address.

We got a rider swap ticket for Flights of Passage but were unable to use it before park closing. My husband and I did each get to ride it once though. It’s good for up to 3 riders to go through the Fastpass line, through January 31.

Email me your mailing info, @Dobster and I will send it out today. I’m mailing from Dallas. If you don’t think it’ll reach you in time or you can’t use it, I’ll go to the next person who responded.

My email is starfrenzy @ Hotmail .com (remove the spaces).

Yay! That is splendid. I have been trying and trying to get FOP FPs with no luck at all. Thank you! :smile:

I am waiting for confirmation from the vacation rental company about whether we can receive mail at the house or not. They are usually quick to reply… I will email you as soon as I hear back from them!

Just emailed you with a mailing address. Thanks again! :smile:

I got your email! Will drop it in the mail today, probably go out early tomorrow at the latest.

I’ll be there this Friday!