Anyone ever reserve a WDW room on priceline?

I just saw that Wilderness Lodge is on sale super cheap on the 2 nights I need for the end of my trip, and I’m so tempted to do it. However, it’s only on Priceline. I’ve used Priceline for other hotels, but has anyone ever used them for WDW? Do they just give you a confirmation number in the same way you’d get one from a travel agent?

Anyone have experience with this?

I’ve never used Priceline, so I cant’ comment there. But I’'m pretty sure WL is under some construction right now, so maybe that has something to do with the cheapness of the rooms? I would be wary, unless you don’t really care about the construction and then go for it!

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Are you sure it’s WL? Are you sure it’s differently priced than through WDW?

I only ask because I was recently advised that, except for group bookings, WDW does not allow discounting of rooms

Was just going to ask/point this out. From what I understand third party sites can’t offer Disney rooms for lower than what Disney does themselves. And if it’s the same I would probably recommend booking directly through Disney.
FWIW as for the construction at WL - I have a friend who was just there and it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve actually spoken to a few people and it’s a pretty minimal impact so we decided to book there for November. :slight_smile:

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It was definitely Wildness lodge. It was $215/night for August 4-6. I had seen similar process when the awakens summer deal first went on sale, but that sold out right away. Anyway, these went back up the next day on priceline and I didn’t go for it. Oh well.

I have had good luck using Orbitz in the past. I was able to double up an Orbitz discount on top of the Disney discount. This was a couple of years ago though, so it is possible that has changed.

I’m a bit late to the party, but this article gives some useful info about using extra discounts thru a third party site. :slight_smile:

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It is totally possible to get cheaper rooms using third party websites. I recently made reservations on (owned by Orbitz) and beat the WDW price by about 20%. I have already called disney and verified they know of my reservation.

The third party sites will buy a block of rooms so they can sell them at a discount, if they do not sell for the WDW price. In addition, sites like orbitz often offer and additional 15-20% using a promo code.


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I recently booked through Expedia - got rooms cheaper than the WDW offerings - and free airfare to boot! It was a “bit” of a hassle getting the correct confirmation number - but once i stopped dealing with Expedia for that - and called WDW directly - everything was updated and linked to my MDE.

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Wow! Good for you! How far out…or close did you book? Did you have specific dates in mind or were you flexible? Sorry for all of the questions, just really interested. We got a great deal on a package to DC through Expedia…didn’t know WDW was also a possibility!

I booked about 80 days in advance :slight_smile:

TY! Have a great trip!!

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