Anyone ever do a Deed Change?

My children are 21 and I am considering adding their names to the deed so that they will be able to enjoy full membership benefits(currently we have that it is deeded to them, but this would go into effect in a few months).
We own at BWV and SSR so there is still 20+ years to go. I realize that adding them to the deed will give them equal access (right to sell) and equal responsibility(annual dues), but if we were to become unable to do so- that might be a good thing-right?
They have not traveled without us but in the next few years I can see that happening. (They are both going on to grad school)
Anyone been thru this and have any thoughts?

I have not changed my deed but my son (only child) is on the deed. This has allowed him to have his own blue card. I know some people have suggested that putting your DVC into a trust might be a better option for some families but I believe that would delay their “ownership” benefits?

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You can add your children as associates to your DVC deed for no charge. This gives them full access to the points including the ability to book and modify reservations. However, they will not receive a membership card or any of the incidental benefits.

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To add/change deed to add an owner — which I intend to do for each of my 3 kids for each of my 3 contracts — it costs $500 per.

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My mother just added me and my sisters to her DVC deed. The process wasn’t too bad. I’m pretty sure she contacted DVC member services and they walked her through how to do things. There was a lawyer and definitely charges involved.

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I’m just going to add a note of caution, as I’ve seen discussion about this elsewhere.

Firstly, if you add a child, or anyone else, to a deed of one contract but not another, you then end up with two different membership numbers. Many people have more than one and manage them without problems, others find it fiddly.

Also by adding your son to the deed, it becomes an asset of his. That could affect his ability to qualify for things like scholarships. Also of course if he were to (marry and) divorce, it would be included in the matrimonial assets.

Naturally he could also book vacations and use up all the points, bank or borrow them (which are final transactions). DVC will send information to him; sometimes people say “that’s OK, I”ll just not tell him/her, but he will find out and be able to create an account.

So make sure you are aware of all the implications first. And then I believe DVC can talk you through the process. I’m sure I’ve seen a step by step guide somewhere, maybe on Mouseowners.

Thanks all, I had not considered that it might impact grad school, so I will wait till after they buy their first homes just in case.

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