Anyone entering the contest for Len’s lightsaber?

Anyone planning on entering the contest to win Len’s lightsaber?

Looks like you need to enter via Instagram or twitter (both of which I’d need to sign up for), but I was wondering if we could post here as well, just for fun/progress (not as official entries)? Looks like a lot of fun and I’d love to see what you guys make as well.

Here’s a pre-entered version I’m working on (a few things are still off in it, but I’m kinda using it as an opportunity to learn affinity photo, so it’s taking some time to get it where I want it to be.) You know how friggin hard it is to pull the images from instagram/twitter? :rage: :rofl:


If I had any artistic talent I’d be all over this. I heard Brain & Angela talk about the giveaway a couple weeks ago on the podcast. I’d been anxiously awaiting to “enter” a drawing. Oh well! Hopefully, they’ll post the entries for us to enjoy.

I have a feeling artistic talent is going to take a backseat and it’ll be more of the spirit of the entry. For example, someone entered in their 8 year old’s chalk art drawing… annnd I think that beats mine hands down. :slight_smile:


I’m probably going to enter - that lightsaber is too cool to resist!

How do you see the other entries?

had to scower their twitter and instagram feeds. It looks like only 2 people posted so far. :frowning: but i could’ve easily missed the other entries if there were some)

Well obviously my artistic talents know no bounds.

And clearly Len knows this and decided to make it fair to the rest of you, and insist on a US postal address to enter.

As luck would have it, my DS works for a company with a N.Y. office, so I could enter anyway. But I feel that might be against the spirit of the the competition, and I certainly wouldn’t want to upset any of you by bending the rules in that way.

So I have decided, humbly and magnanimously, not to enter. Instead the likeness of Len and his light sabre will have to hang in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition instead. You could always come and see it for yourselves, it’s on Piccadilly in London (*).

  • Actually, truth be told, my grandad did have several paintings chosen for the exhibition over the years. Sadly I inherited around 0.00001% of his talent. :joy::joy::joy:

sounds legit :slight_smile:

Annnd entered! Though I forgot that Instagram crops it and lowers the res.



I’m afraid we aren’t talking about a lightsaber but are talking about a “lightsaber”.


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Gotta start somewhere?

I’m not touching len’s lightsaber with a 10 ft pole.

Or with anything for that matter.

Your entry is wicked cool tho :slight_smile: Talented!!

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Oh darn… I hadn’t seen the discrimination against non-USeans. I’ll have to finish my mini jedi Len and post anyway, if only for bragging rights.


I realize you’re joking, but I think if you had a US mailing address that is not where you actually lived, that would not be cheating in any way. When I read it, it looks to me like they just don’t want to ship it outside the US. If you had it shipped somewhere in the US and they could forward it to you, I think that’s completely legit.


Got my entry ready to submit!


Did you do this? Or your DD? :wink:

It’s a collab - concept, layout, and character design = me, finish and coloring = DD. The font is her own design too.


Way to go!!! :+1:

Has there been an announcement about the winner? I haven’t seen anything.

No, i think they said July 15 at the latest. But I haven’t seen anything. Heh, wonder if they forgot about it. That’d be kinda funny.

Either that, or @len decided that he really, really liked it after all and decided to keep it. :rofl: