Anyone else planning their 2021 trip? Need details on the 50th anniversary

I just got back from a week long Disney trip, and of course it wasn’t enough. I am so ready to go back. I usually go every year between Nov- Jan. However, there’s no way i’m going during this star wars opening. This leaves me to plan 2021 trip, and I figured its great because of the 50th anniversary. Does anyone know any details about when the celebration will start and end? Also will Tron, Guardians, and Ratatouille all be open by then?

I’m starting to gather ideas for a January 2022 trip.

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I don’t think anyone has information on when attractions are opening. They say they are opening for the 50th anniversary, which is 10/1/21. So some of those attractions could open in 2022 for all we know, as the anniversary celebrations typically last a year.

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If they last for a year that’s awesome news!

I read somewhere that the last anniversary celebration went on for like 15-18 months or something. So whatever cool ‘limited time’ things they introduce will be around a decent amount of time.