Anyone else having trouble adjusting TP start time?

I am trying to get my start time for 12/10/17 at IOA to begin at 8 am. But despite several attempts to adjust it and save, it only lets me start at 9am. We will be staying onsite, so we should be able to get in one hour early. It even states to adjust the time to 8 if you will be taking advantage of getting in early, it just won’t let me. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

I am having the same issue at IOA for March. Help?

Same problem, only I tried a couple work-arounds with varying success. If I click “none” on express pass, it allows you to time early entry (HP rides/area). As soon as I try to click Universal Express Unlimited, it either moves the start time to standard park opening or puts a 30min “wait” between rides. This sounds like something to flag for @len

Thank you.

Best way to resolve these sorts of technical issues is to e-mail They usually respond quite quickly.

Thanks, I’ve just emailed them. I’ll notify you of what I hear.

Thank you! I’ve been having the same problem, but my trip is not until October, so I was just going to wait it out. I’m glad you’re being proactive for all of us! :slight_smile:

This is what I received from TP:
"This far out, we do not know the park hours or the Early Park Admission schedule for the Universal Orlando parks in December 2017. Last year in early December, only the Universal Studios Florida park (and not Islands of Adventure) offered Early Park Admission, so we currently are predicting that will be true on December 10 this year. That is why you cannot create a touring plan that will allow you into Islands of Adventure prior to our predicted official park opening time of 9:00 AM.

Much closer to December, Universal will release details about park hours and its Early Park Admission schedule and we will adjust our data at that time."

So, here you go. I thought for those staying onsite, you always got in an hour early, but I guess not. So hopefully Universal will decide to open IOA early in the future, but at least we know we can’t plan on it and that TP is taking care of us.

I have re-emailed them since I have the exact same problem for February (and IoA is stated EE park)

You do always get EPA if staying onsite. It is however only guaranteed for 1park and only for wwohp area within that park. ( as per t&c) However they do open a few other rides ( like Minions) and at peak times open both parks early. this link might help. They normally release epa details 2 months in advance.

Thank you mumcalsop, That is good information.

Can you let us know what they tell you as well? Thanks!

It’s the hours - if we don’t have them officially from UOR, we’re not going to assume it’s open early.

Thank you for clearing this up.

I have asked separately since my vacation is next month and also had the problem with stated EE hours. I was told that it’s a known issue between using EE and express pass on the same touring plan at IoA, and will not be resolved by the time I take my vacation. If you haven’t yet figured out a work-around, here is what I came up with: Build a touring plan for the day selecting “none” for express pass and name “early entry”. See what you get done by 9am. Copy your touring plan (eliminate everything you would accomplish by 9am from the top of the list) and name it whatever to indicate rest of the day or with express pass. Recalculate using the express pass with start time at 9am with the ride/attraction you were at at 9am on the no express pass plan. Yes, this gives you two touring plans for the same day. But most of the EE attractions either cannot use express pass or the wait is essentially the same because most people who have EE also have express pass, so not a big deal. Incidentally, I’m doing a Harry Potter morning with a Hogwarts ride to and from Diagon alley and since NONE of these use express pass, I am calculating after lunch for my second plan.