Anyone Else Having Issues with Disney's Website Currently?

So today was the day when the Gift Card site linked into the main Disney account…and it seems to have created ISSUES. I got the gift cards added in, and then a little later was going to make a new ADR for my trip.

I had to sign in.

It told me my STORED password was incorrect.

I tried again, retyping the password.

Same result.

Hit “Forgot my password” to reset it and reset it, then tried to log in using the password I JUST created.

Email and User Name incorrect.

And no matter what I click on the website, it tries to take me to create an account - and says one already exists with my email.

I’m currently on hold to hopefully talk with someone in tech - I’m guessing from the fact that I’ve been holding for 20 minutes I’m not alone, but wanted to see if anyone else was having issues. And if so if they had added gift cards onto that section. Just trying to figure out what is going on.

(The app seems to still work without me entering a new password, so I’m not sure that the password change actually happened.)

I saw the title of your thread and thought when isn’t there trouble with Disney IT? :crazy_face: then I remembered that today is gift card integration day. Reading your post that’s exactly where you’re at. I haven’t been on the website today, but as a general rule when something new is rolled out by Disney I steer clear for a few days if possible to let the bugs work out. Sorry I can’t help, but i do feel your pain!

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Yeah, my only thing is my trip is in 9 days and I’m wanting to make reservations that I’m seeing come up. Or was when I could even get any page other than Create an Account.

Yay for being in the single digit countdown! Can you make the ressies using the app? Or is that not a thing?

The app, weirdly, is working. LOL.

I had to give up on holding after 50 minutes - prep and lunch is over and I’ve got to get back online with a kiddo. I might try again when I’m done with work.

I have had some issue with logins recently. I did get an email a little while back that all Disney accounts would work under the same password and email login now. So for my case I had a differnt password for Disney +, disney gift cards and MDE. So I reset my disney + password and it then changed for all other sites as well. When I went to log in to MDE it kept telling me it was wrong. That is when I remebered that email and had my lightbulb moment. I entered the new password I had updated at the disney+ site and I wasnin. Maybe that has something to do with it?

All seems to be working for me now. Fingers crossed!!