Anyone else having Firefox problems?

The forums won’t load for me in Firefox. I’ve tried on my home and work computers. I can load the forums fine on IE at both locations.

I’ve restarted, (browser and machine) and get no relief.

Am I alone? any ideas?

It has been happening all weekend.

You are not alone - I was having the same issue today!
I tried in Chrome, Firefox and Explorer - several time each. I have restarted my PC, trying to open page several different ways with several different browsers. After multiple tries I finally had sucess with Explorer - it gave me the “Page cannot display” message, I refreshed that page and FINALLY the forum appeared.
Hopefully they can fix whatever “bug” is messing with us!

And now they seem fixed for me with Firefox…

Carry on…

Strange - I’m still having issues.
I hope everything will be back to “normal” tomorrow :open_mouth:

@EthicalAddict, I have been in Forum hell since Saturday. I don’t have the mobile version on my phone and the toolbar is missing the lines that give you the option to switch view. I can see it on my computer. Since forum inception, I pretty much click the lines app, click chat, then click the discussion forum at the top and up until the crash on Saturday, it always came up in a mobile view. Computer seems ok. I am hoping @Lentesta or @daybreaker can find a solution to the problem. This is certainly a first world problem. I am learning to adapt to this wonky mode. I could start the clean thread of the day this morning because I couldn’t find the category choice option, it may be missing from what I am getting.

ok… the issues are back (or maybe they never went away… I could have just clicked on an IE tab within firefox and not noticed).

@gabmom @rcbarker Another day of Lines Forum issues :cry: Any ideas @len what the issue could be?

My phone is not mobile. I was before Saturday down. @Lentesta and @daybreaker hope fix for forum on phone. I have Samsung galaxy 4. I does not the lines on computer for mobile.

I don’t want to speak too soon - but I think they fixed our Lines Forum “issues”!
Can I hear a “Hallelujah”!!!

Thanks @Lentesta and @daybreaker

Still getting nothing on Firefox… IE is fine.

I’m back to having a ton of troubles getting on the forum! So frustrating! And when I get on it doesn’t update what chats I’ve looked at or commented on. Every now and again it will refresh and it appears that someone has mentioned me but they are very old mentions. For the past three days I have given up after a bit and just closed out the forum. Please Help! @Lentesta you’re my only hope!!!

ok, here’s a bit of a quirk… in Firefox, the main forum page won’t resolve and just shows as blank… but, if I follow a link to a thread (as I just did), the thread resolves fine in Firefox. Thus, (at least for my issue) it appears to be something on the general page.

I think this also explains why I was thinking things were fixed for a bit.