Anyone else excited for Disneyland "Together Forever" debut?


The “Together Forever” nighttime spectacular just showed up on Disneyland’s calendar for April 13 and I have to say I’m super excited. We will be there that weekend and will probably try to see it from more than one place. It sounds like it will be similar in scope to the 50th fireworks show (with projections, fireworks, effects, etc) and that was the best Disney nighttime show I’ve ever seen.

Anyone else looking forward to it?


I am a bad Disney fan because I’d not even heard of it. :open_mouth: We might go to CA this fall so this will be something extra to look forward to.


I prefer only fireworks shows. The projections IMHO just distract. That was my biggest issue with Happily Ever After at MK - it literally felt like 2 shows competing right in top of each other. And/or schizophrenic (which the disconnected and random jump music did not help).

On the plus side, I can take advantage of everyone else gawking at the show for shorter lines and/or not feel bad about scheduling a dinner over it since I know what it is going to be.




Wow - interesting perspective – we have seen most every nighttime Disneyland show and were totally blown away by that one (although the 50th was pretty amazing!). I thought the 3D effects were especially cool - the sea creatures, the snow, etc. The first time we saw the show near the Matterhorn and enjoyed it, but on Main St. it was amazing.

I will be a “gawker” this time, too.


If so, you’ll want to make sure you’re trip is scheduled before September 3rd as that’s when Pixar Fest ends and presumably, the Together Forever fireworks. We were really excited about it too as we’ll be there at the end of September but that excitement got rained on when I found out it ends just a few weeks before we get there.


Good to know, thanks!