Anyone done WOC Dessert party recently?

So I know the early reviews were pretty lousy for the dessert party, but I’m going to DL in August with a friend who’s never seen WOC and is willing to pay for the party so we went for it. I’m wondering if the organization and/or service have improved now that it’s been going on for awhile… or any tips for us to make the most of it? Looks like check in is at the Redwood Creek trail - is that new? Other thoughts? Thanks!

Yes, that is new. When we went at the start of June we noticed it and it seemed leaps & bounds more efficient at organizing the Dessert Party goers out of the way of the major traffic jam around the viewing area. The one account I ready of it (from a FB group) advised that you should check-in on the earlier end to have earlier (and therefore more) choice in where you sit & then stay in that line bc it will be walked single file down to the area & you’ll be sat & served in the order you showed up/were walked down in. Being towards the end & being sat later will make it harder to order anything other than a first round of drinks.

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Please let me know how it works out- we are big fans of the dessert parties @wdw and are planning our 1ST DLR trip
for January

We just got back, and we did the dessert party. The check-in was at the place marked with the terribly drawn red X, and the line proceeded to the left on the map. We stumbled upon it accidentally when only two other families were lined up and we happened to be waiting for a LL window. It was not where I was expecting it to be, but maybe I had read old information. We joined the line figuring we may as well wait there for our ride time. It was about 6:45, I think, and that was for the first of the two parties. A cast member had been by and said he would start checking people in after 7. It was maybe 7:10ish when they started. We checked in, got our first choice of tables, then ditched the line and rode Soarin’ with our LL. You can leave and then come back if you want, you just have to join the end of the line when you get back. We did not care about that, as long as we got our choice of tables. We were back by 8:00 when they started seating groups of 20 or so people. We were about 4 or 5 groups back and were seated by 8:15 or so. The server promptly visited our tables and brought food and drinks and checked on us several times. We had no trouble getting additional drinks, although our second drinks were nonalcoholic, so maybe that made a difference. The food was…just OK. I much rather prefer a buffet option where I can choose more of what I really want, but oh well. The chair and the view were priceless at the end of a long day on my feet. I was so glad I had booked the party. The chair was heaven, and so was the breathing room. We asked for a low table to the right of the seating area based on advice I had seen, and I think that was a good choice. Overall, no regrets.


This was the view from our table.

This is zoomed in a bit, but you get a sense of the angle and what’s in between you and the show.