Anyone do a Droid Build with a little kid (3-5 years old)?

Currently have a Droid Depot reservation for my DD4 because I presume she’ll be jealous of the ones DH and I make earlier in the week, but not certain how accessible it is for a kid that little. She does love Star Wars and I thought having “family droids” as our primary souvenir might be nice. But if she won’t really be able to do it or if they’re too complicated to use once built, wondering if I should just cancel and tell her she can do it when she’s older…


I don’t know how much of the “magic” of SWGE you don’t mind gets spoiled. If you don’t mind seeing the inside of the shop and how it all works here’s TPs video of them building a droid.

There’s not much to building it. Just using a power screwdriver to attach pieces together. Personally, I’d have my DD wait until they have enough dexterity to use a manual screwdriver / basic tools. Just let them play with yours. It’s a simple remote control toy.


I’m taking my 3 and 5 year olds in February, but for us it’s a little different because we won’t already have them. I figure anything that’s too complicated (especially for the 3 year old) we can assist with. My bigger concern is that they won’t have the dexterity to control them, especially if they pick the BB unit - I’ve heard the head falls off a lot and getting it reset takes some practice.


This is actually what I’ve been thinking about as well… I already promised my son (5) we’d build one, he’s very handy and building it together won’t be an issue, I’m worried his temperament will give in when he tries to pilot it :rofl:


This looks cool…for some reason I never knew about it…booked it for my son for next month :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks for sharing.

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