Anyone Been to pandora yet?

Just wondering if anyone has gone up AK recently and experienced pandora. How was it? How were the rides and ROL? How much better does it make AK overall

In the next day or so I plan to write up my Pandora day here, so keep an eye out. q

Quick version: it was terrific!
Beautifully done, so detailed. Inside of FoP is one of the most immersive things I’ve ever seen and the ride lives up to the hype.

Didn’t get to ride Navi River, did FoP twice.

Satu’li Canteen was so nicely themed we thought we walked in the wrong place when we expected a standard QS restaurant look. Food was so good we ate there twice that day. Get the hot dog thing as a snack or to share if no one wants to order it alone.

It’s incredible

FOP has to be the biggest attraction in Orlando right now

And delivers

You will want to ride it more than once

Navi River is good but can’t compare in any way to FOP

No ride can compare

I agree - the overall ambiance was amazing. Flight of Passage is our new favorite ride at Disney (for both me and DS8). Navi was ok - I wouldn’t wait more than 20 minutes for it, but it was neat to do at least once. But walking around and looking at the detail was incredible. We did EMH for it last time and are planning on hitting it during the evening hours in September. I can’t wait!