Anybody love reading other peoples plans?... I need you

Would it be too much to share the links to my touring plans in one post? I’d love some feedback on what I’m planning but it would be 11 days of links :flushed: would anyone have the patience to look over it all??

It wouldn’t be too much but it would take time for people to comment on them all - you’d get your answers in the end though!

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All rightie, I’ll leave this here. I appreciate anybody taking the time to check out my touring plans and would love some feed back.

Some background - first Disney World trip, I’m going solo, I arrive at Pop after a 27 hour flight from Australia at around 10pm on September 1st and depart early on September 13th. I have 10 days of park tickets, plus MNSSHP ticket (making that 11 days in the parks) and park hopper. Only leaving the Disney bubble to go shopping at the outlet mall and Walmart for supplies/bits and pieces.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 and
Day 4
Day 5 and
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10 and
Day 11

I’ve tried to have a balance of selecting park with low crowd days and use EMH morning and evenings. Thanks again to anyone who leaves some feedback or suggestions :smile:

The chances of you being able to get a Slinky Dog FP+ your first park day at 9:00 is ambitious and not likely to happen. You might be able to find it for later in your trip though. You may be better off trying for FP+ on Day 5 in the evening you will spend at DHS.

Day 2 seems very sparse to me. There are many other great things to do in EPCOT.

Day 7 I’m curious to know why a breakfast at POFQ is taking up so much of your time? What do you find so special there?

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The answer better be Beignets. Which are marvelous, but probably not worth that time/transit investment. If the boat from POFQ to Disney Springs is open, definitely take that over the bus option, if you keep the breakfast at POFQ.


Yes it’s the beignets! :joy: but also it’s the resort I really wanted to stay at but it’s not in my budget so I’d like to take a look around. I’d probably head over to Disney Springs earlier just keeping it open, not sure how long it’ll take to explore the resort. But I’ve taken note of your boat over bus suggestion thanks!

Ok thanks, I’ll change the fast pass for the 5th day for slinky dog. Didn’t even cross my mind.

Mmmmm you’re right my 2nd day is a bit empty but I guess that leaves a lit of spontaneity in my trip? Lol what would you do? Also it’s Labor day so I’m thinking I’ll be battling larger crowds.

POFQ for the beignets…and to explore the resort as it was where I really wanted to stay. It’s my rest morning so Ill just wander over to Disney Springs when I’m ready. My thinking anyway

Do you think you will really be up to 8am EMH on our first day after such a long trip + jet lag. You will likely want to be at the bus stop around 6:45am to take full advantage of this.

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Day 1 I really don’t think you have any chance of getting FPs for Slinky Dog on day 1 of your trip. It’ll be a bit like FoP because it’s new and incredibly popular.

Switch the plans so you do it on your second DHS day. I think that was Day 4 or 5 which should be easier. You may still not get it in the morning though.

Also if rope dropping DHS, that could be a long time until lunch, if you just have cereal bars or similar in your room. Can you all really last 6 hours or more on just that? I would plan for lunch at around 11, then do Indy and whatever ride you miss by having lunch earlier.

That’s a general comment for rope dropping. Plan to eat earlier and miss the crowds. Also I think 30 minutes for even QS at peak lunch time (noon to 2pm) is the minimum time to allow. I usually plan 45 minutes for QS.

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Day 2

Just for info, Beaches and Cream is at the Beach Club, not Boardwalk.

After Soarin, you could do Imagination and /or explore Canada and the UK on your way to the IG. Leaving the IG by 12:30 would be fine, it’s 10 minutes to B&C, maybe a bit longer to give yourself time to find it (it isn’t hard, just to give yourself leeway).

Canada has the 360 show O Canada (which makes me dizzy btw), and gorgeous gardens and waterfall to explore.

UK has the tea shop (4 centuries in one) and gardens, Christopher Robin’s bedroom (peer into only :frowning_face:, and the shops in “Hampton Court”. The interactive game in the U.K. is also fun - I just can’t think of the name right now.

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Yeah I know I am pushing it with the early start aren’t I. Do you think it be worth having a late start on a EMH day? The park is a 6 for crowds all the other parks are a 7. Its Labor day weekend so I don’t know how much it’ll make an impact.

Yes a pervious reply also said I wouldn’t get a FP for slinky dog on my first day, so I will change that to later in the week and keep fingers crossed (I’m kinda not fussed if I don’t get one to be honest, but I don’t want to miss FOP)

I’m not worried about my gap between meals - I always eat breakfast early and have lunch around 1pm-2pm but you have brought up a good point about avoiding the lunch crowd. Ill have a better look at that. Thanks!

Arrrgh! I keep doing that getting my Beaches mixed up haha ill fix it up.

OK cool so I wont need as long as I thought to walk to Beaches and Cream at the BEACH CLUB lol :+1: