Anybody get refunded for cancelled pre-paid ADRs yet?

My pre-paid ADR for the Happily Ever Dessert Party was cancelled earlier this week but I haven’t seen a refund credited to the credit card I used yet. Just wondering how timely the refunds have been for others…

Not exactly the same, but I got the refund for one of my cancelled tours the day after it dropped from my account. I have not received the second refund (the tour disappeared yesterday.)

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Yesterday, I got a refund for Hoop Dee Doo and a Polar Patio reservation that were supposed to happen on July 1st. Did not yet get a refund for Cinderellas Royal Table that was on July 3.

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I cancelled our dessert party reservation after the news about all ADRs being cancelled, can’t remember exactly when. It was posted back to my credit card on Monday.

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It is not dining but I cancelled my H20 Glow Party last Monday and got my refund to my credit card the next day. Then I had 3 trips planned and have gotten one of the deposits refunded so far. I also had Early Morning Magic booked (which WDW counts as a dining reservation) and when I cancelled it last Monday I got the money back on Friday. I am still waiting on my other 2 deposit refunds, a payment refund, and 4 Not So Scary refunds. The cast member on the phone told me they would be randomly refunded to me as the computer pulled them up but I should have them all back within 2 months of requesting the refund.

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we have received the refund on our dinning plan.

I’ve had refunds back in my account — both where I’ve preemptively cancelled a reservation, and where Disney has automatically cancelled one — within about three days of the cancellation.

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I have had refund back on surfing lesson at Typhoon within 3 days of it disappearing from MDE account

Update: Refund for the cancelled dessert party came through today! Yay! So about 4 days turn around for me.

Waiting on the refund for my cancelled Highway in the Sky Dine around scheduled early September

I think I just heard on a Disney Food Blog video that cancelled pre-paid ADR refunds should be issued within 7 business days of the cancellation. Hopefully you get your refund soon!