Any word if Frozen stage show will be playing in DCA during December?

I was looking 60 days out and interestingly, does not show any December dates, which I’d expect it to by now.

I mean, it’s all about the winter theme, and with the Olaf short film coming out with Coco, I’d presume it’d be going strong through December to January during the holidays.

I’m going to call Disney to confirm, but wonder if anyone has prior knowledge as to if there’s any rhyme or reason to why it looks this way. Do Frozen Dining Packages historically cap at less than 60 days out and wrap to the end of a month, or something?

Thanks for any advice.

The soonest any show times would be on the calendar is when Disneyland starts releasing park hours 6 weeks ahead of time. Usually though it’s more like 30-40 days in advance before definitive entertainment schedules are up & their accompanying dining packages are available to be booked.

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Ah, that’s why! Thank you, it makes more sense. (I was previously thinking in terms of dining-only reservations, which go 60 days out.)

Aladdin played for 10 or 12 years; I can’t imagine Frozen won’t be playing…