Any way to allow for Rider Swap in personalized plans?

As the title suggests, I’m looking for a way to allow for the additional time needed to accommodate a rider swap at some rides in one of our personalized touring plans. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks! Josh

When I add an attraction that offers the swap to my personalized TP it asks me if I want to use child swap with that ride and I can mark if I do so that is built in. Here is what shows up at the bottom of the box when I am adding an attraction that offers it.

“Child Swap:This ride allows for the child swap option. Would you like to add a child swap to this plan step?
Yes No”


Just realized you posted this under Disneyland, sorry. I am working with WDW TPs so perhaps it is different?

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Thank you! I had copied the standard touring plan and was editing it for our own tastes. Just figured out it works the same as you mentioned for DL - I just needed to hit the “Edit” button for each individual attraction that allows rider switch. Thank you very much!