Any views outside Candlelight processional?

I had decided to not plan on CLP thinking it may not be the top choice of how my family would like to spend our short time in the world early Dec. Then I learned that NPH would be the narrator while we are there! He is a fan favorite in our house. So I went ahead and was able to book us a dining package thanks to great liner help. Now I am trying to fit it in our plans and am wondering should we really spend such a large portion of our short Epcot time on this (we will have only about 7 hours there). But NPH!!! Is there any chance we would be able to get a glimpse and listen to a bit of CLP from outside the pavillion especially considering it is a NPH night? Does anyone have experience with this?

I saw the CP 14 years ago, so my memory may not be the best. However, the amphitheater is outside (This, I’m sure about). It sits beside the lake in the American Pavilion. I would imagine that you could hear it very well right around there. Whether you could see it or not, I’m not sure. There may be lots of people crowding around it when NPH narrates.

You can stand in the back outside the theatre and still be able to see and even hear. We have never had a problem just standing in the back, but we have never been when NPH was the narrator. Doing a dining package does take a good chunk of time because it’s a TS meal with appetizer, entree and dessert. And even with the package you need to line up at least 30 minutes before the show to get a good seat.

I’ve done the CLP when NPH was a narrator in 2016. The vast majority of the crowd is in line to get seats in theater. With a little maneuvering you can get a table at the Liberty inn, just in front of American Adventure and hear perfectly well. The sight lines might not be idea, but you could always stand just in front of the little hot dog hut or for the last show of the night, when the line is done you could stand off to either side, closer to the water. Even with NPH, there was still standby seating available for the last show…so maybe have a tentative plan to catch last show and see if standby seating is available, if not watch from the back of walkway. Hope this helps. CLP is a great experience so I don’t think of it as time “wasted”, but if your family is enjoying the rides too much to leave for the show, hearing the show from the walkway/outdoor eating area for Liberty Inn shouldn’t be too hard to snag either. Good Luck.

Yes, you can see and hear everything.

Totally agree that this would never be time wasted. There is so much to do and never enough time so we will just have to pick and choose. We will be in HS in the am checking out TSL. Then will get to Epcot a little after 3 to stay until close. Can’t wait to see Illuminations with the added Peace on Earth ending too! I currently have two TPs one with CLP and one with out. We will miss some rides and WS to do CPL but we won’t be able to do it all even without CLP. I will see what the family votes for. Thanks for all of the info to make deciding a little easier.

If I ONLY had a couple of hours at Christmas, I would choose the CLP dinner plan. It was that amazing to me.

One of the songs from the show is my ringtone all year round.