Any tips for using MDE and Lines in the parks?

So I just read this line in an older post:
'MDE will even tell me where to walk so I can just enjoy the time with the family, ’

Both MDE and Lines are new to me, and I’ll be using them for the first time when we are actually at the park. I"m thinking I’ll probably forget to use the apps entirely. Which do you use for what, and any tips or tricks?

The primary use I was seeing for my phone was for texting other members of my party… will that be doable?

And, lastly, are there any good electronic maps to use? I always end up losing the paper maps, and the maps I’ve seen on the phone look hard to use once they are big enough for my eyes to read them.

I prefer to print my daily touring plan and only use the phone app when I absolutely have to.
MDE is very helpful, and now has a Mobile Order option for some QS restaurants.
I studied maps like a mad woman before arriving my first time so I knew generally where everything was.
During my last visit I had Verizon and my reception was spotty. I don’t recall texting being a problem except with all the commotion, I had a hard time hearing the phone ring/texts etc.

My tip is to not rely on Disney’s wifi. Green.

For the couple of things I needed directions for, I used the mde map. It did show a walking path from where I was to where I was going, though I didn’t need that.

I’d suggest getting use to both apps BEFORE you get there!! I also print my plans too. I use MDE to do mobile ordering, modifying Fastpasses, or if you need to cancel any Dining Reservations. I like TP if your plan starts going way off then you can optimize while in the parks. Both are good for looking at menus and wait times.

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