Any tips for getting a BBB reservation at MK

Trying to get my daughter a reservation on April 18 with no luck. Are there certain times of the day that work better than others.

At 180 days they are not hard to get, however, for April your best option is to call daily right up until one day before hoping for a cancellation. Are you dead set on BBB at MK? the Disney Springs location is a bit easier plus you can hop over to the Photopass Studio for a nice (and free) photo session!

Also there’s another makeover package at the GF available if you want a back-up option. Not sure exactly what it’s called but I’m sure someone can help. Or a quick search.

Yes! The Ivy Trellis salon.

Some say Ivy Trellis is even better but I haven’t used them.

Thanks @SneakyPete @Nickysyme They have been pushing Disney springs. It just been hard to fit it into our plans. Going to check out the salon at GF. Thanks for the tip!