Any thoughts on the Sheraton Vistana Villages?

I just got an offer for 5 days/4 nights in a 1-bedroom villa at the Sheraton Vistana Villages for $199, with an additional bonus of 15,000 SPG points (which is worth about $135 in and of itself). The catch is that I have to waste an hour or so listening to their sales pitch. :sleeping:

Has anyone here had a recent experience at this resort? It appears to get good reviews on TripAdvisor, and looks to be a pretty nice place.


  • The offer is good for a visit in the next 12 months, so we can choose a convenient time for us
  • Not crammed in a hotel room, and will have a full kitchenette
  • Good location on I-Drive - we will probably focus on non-WDW stuff, like Kennedy Space Center and UOR for the HP lands)


  • Not on-site, so no 60-day FPP access (if we go to WDW it would be for Pandora and/or the new Star Wars stuff, so this might be a concern)

Any thoughts out there?

The hotel is very nice, the rooms spacious like small apartments, pools are fun, and it’s quite convenient. We weren’t required to listen to their sales pitch, so I can’t comment on that. With a large family we’re simply priced out of staying on property, but otherwise I’d probably go for the 60-day FPP and EMH given your timing (but really miss the kitchen and laundry machine).

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Most likely will not be an issue, as (gasp) unless I can convince DW otherwise we are probably not going to go to WDW.

I did not stay at the Sheraton Vistana Villages (SVV), but I did stay at their sister resort just down the street. When I did my research last year, both the SVV and the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas looked similar.

My family stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas last year and loved it! It’s 3.5 or 4 stars (depending on the site you book it on). It has 7 pools, tennis courts, mini golf, 3 restaurants on site and is really great for families. They have 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom villas that are really nice and spacious. We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa. I’d say it’s comparable to a deluexe hotel onsite at WDW.

The only downside is they don’t get you the 60 day fast pass access. However, it’s only a 10 minute drive to WDW…so it’s closer than some “onsite WDW hotels” if you have a car to get to WDW.

I spent a month researching hotels last year and this hotel had it all: tons of amenities, great location (close to WDW, shopping and restaurants), plus there was no resort fee. We got free parking, free wifi internet and free access to the resort and daily housekeeping.


Thanks for the info!

Is this the same?

Possibly - there are two different resorts there with similar names, and sometimes people mix them up.

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Hello! I also got this offer and kind of tossed it but now my husband is curious. It has to be used within a year of tomorrow, so we would likely go in Jan/Feb of next year because we already have an October trip planned. $200 for a 1-bedroom sounds like an awesome deal to me, but I’m very worried about the sales pitch! Has anyone sat through it? We own DVC so this would be a hard no.

Just as a heads-up about this - as of right now they are only booking through September, and the rep told me that they might be opening up bookings through January sometime in March, but there isn’t a definitive schedule yet. Also, they won’t do the sales pitch on arrival day or departure day - however, I am going to push them about this.

In my experience with similar offers, sometimes they whip you through really quickly if you up front say “no way” and have a really good reason (like you already owning DVC).

Thank you! Honestly, that’s really helpful. I just really didn’t want to feel trapped in a conference room for 90-120 minutes.

We booked last night! It’s just the placeholder booking and we can decide dates later. I’m now tempted to just extend our October trip since then we only have to do one set of flights and tickets.

As far as the resort goes, one of my best friends just returned from here with her two kids and they LOVED it. Her in-laws own the timeshare and they had a 2-bedroom but did 3 days at Disney, 2 at Universal and 1 at Kennedy Space Center and this was a good location for them and had fabulous pools and food.

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Just booked 10/23-10/27!


I’m waiting for January 2020 to open up - right now they are open through Dec 15.

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