Any success with an evening only in AK?


We will have only an evening for AK. No need to eat dinner and no need to see any shows. My kids just want to ride rides pretty much. I can use all of our day’s FP+ here. Which ones/times would you try to grab? I’m guessing we’ll be here from about 5pm-9pm, close. How would you prioritize?


How old and how tall are your kids?


We are going to AK on our arrival night in a few weeks after a long day of travel from the West coast. We also have 2 other days there, so 1 night only is a bit tough to see it all. My kids can’t wait to see Pandora (I have already been there, but they haven’t). Our 3 FPP’s are
FOP 7-8
Dinosaur 8-9
EE 9-10
For your hours I would suggest FPP from 5-6, 6-7, 7-8 (and hope you can get a 4th after scanning for your 7-8 FPP closer to 7pm).
Personally I would book the Safari at 5, FOP at 6, and EE at 7. Dino and PW you can likely get a 4th FPP for.


Big teenagers! :slight_smile: No one small this trip.


This helps immensely! Thank you so much!


You are welcome! Have a great time!