Any recent DAS experience for DLR?

The new DAS requirements are causing a ton of issues on the WDW side, and even a friend who does DLR a lot and has some major health issues that have always been accommodated with DAS, was denied at DLR last week. Even though the official date for the new requirements aren’t supposed to go into affect until next month, it seems they’re already starting. Who has been denied versus accepted?

I was told back on May 13th they were “soft launching” the new program early and it was for kids with autism under 14.

CM wouldn’t even consider looking at my account and told me gleefully if I had an incident in line “don’t worry young lady, disney will pay your medical bills”

And then also told me I was too young, pretty and “put together” to be disabled. Said if I was solo I shouldn’t ever come to the parks solo and bring a friend to wait in line for me so I can shove through to the front when it’s time to ride.

Among many other things. It was WILD.

Oh and I was also told to purchase Genie+. Which is a clear violation of ADA rules (telling a disabled person to spend money for accommodations)

Now I don’t have an issue with buying genie+, but the issue becomes most of the stuff I ride anymore isn’t on genie+ at Disneyland. And I require alternate loading sometimes, which I was denied because I didn’t have a DAS. Crowds were low that morning but still too much for me, so I sat and wandered a lot while the rest of my party waited for attractions. (And no, I was not allowed to join them when they were close to loading on one attraction. In-park CMs said that’s not allowed. May change?)

I probably won’t be back until later in the summer just due to various things going on. Will be interesting to see what happens when the online thing goes live out here. I suspect Ca peeps will be way more outraged than Florida. Plus the laws are different here.

I’m watching with a side eye.

I have not had a proper park day since then.


Wow! That’s amazing! Sounds like they need to train the CMs on how to appropriately explain that the DAS requirements are now very strict, and just leave it at that. They had to do something due to the abuse, but they don’t need to treat everyone who inquires about it like they were an abuser. Sorry you had to endure that.

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Yes, I agree with this! Why they don’t require documentation like every other disney park outside the US is beyond me. Or most theme parks period! I had to show proof for disneyland Paris and another theme park in Europe, which I was more than happy to do. I even had to show proof at a fee US theme parks in the last couple of years.

It is wild the questions about how you do life. Like, I don’t go to the grocery store and wait in long lines. I travel, but I use every option to make it easy and pleasant. I remember the first time I almost went down in a TSA security line, and they told me about TSA Cares. That was a lifesaver while we waited for approval for global entry. I either pre-board on airplanes OR board last, because if I get stuck on the jetway my hip tends to dislocate and I drop like a rock. People can be so rude about it, but I promise you lady in group 3 giving me the side eye….you don’t want me to dislocate my hip on that jetway, it will delay everything for everyone! (I have to keep moving and standing stationary at angles or on stairs is a trigger. As is sitting for long periods, so we don’t do scooter/wheelchair)

I manage in daily life because I have a great team of drs and I’ve had nearly 2 decades of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. We go to disney because they’ve always made it easy for me to get around. I don’t go places where I run into issues. Simple as that.

I wish Genie+ was like Maxpass. That was a brilliant system and so easy to use. Genie+ is confusing and frustrating and such a terrible piece of technology. It’s honestly mind blowing how bad it can be unless you’re in your phone all day and take a masterclass on how to use it!! (I hate being on my phone in the parks. Lol)

I hope this works out. I think it’s going to get super interesting once it fully goes live here in Ca!!


OMG. what the heck?

Yes, this.

That’s an interesting turn of phrase.

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WTF? You gotta send an email that is WILD.
I had an issue 2 years ago with my poly room (power out, maintenance in my room til 1 am , they came back to fix it when I told them it was a bad time then left my room a mess with cut wires and gunk all over)
I emailed Josh demaro directly and I had a call in under an hour. They took it serious and I imagine they would for this since that’s way worse

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I agree. For the sake of everyone else who might encounter that CM, you should email Guest Services about it. And I totally agree that if they were to require documents, the people who really need DAS would get it. It might not stop all the questionable ones, but, especially after hearing your story and what you have to endure in your life, I"d rather let 5 cheaters get by with it than put people in real need through what you endured and/or be denied DAS. I also think it stinks that people who need DAS have to put up with what I hear is a long wait on the phone to get qualified. People who have disabilities get placards for parking lots; why can’t creative Disney come up with something similar based on medical records? Lawyers probably advised against it. (Eye roll and sigh.)

I’d like to thank you for sharing your story and background. It’s an eye opener for me. I hope the magic returns soon for you.


Oh don’t worry, I addressed it. I even received a reply.

Thats one reason I am interested to watch what happens this next week at Disneyland when the new system OFFICIALLY goes live. Because we all know they started out here early quietly.

I think in the end it’ll all work out, it’s just going to be some rough times. I often wonder if they rolled it out this time of year to get the kinks out before the busy fall/winter seasons.

Time will tell.


I read a number of recent DLR reports that the “return time” accommodation - i.e. go the CM at each ride and ask for a return time to come back later and use the LL - is sometimes granted bc many of its regular lines are not ADA accessible.

Not defending this procedure or saying it’s good. Just passing on this info in case it’s helpful.

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The official new DAS rules started yesterday. Any experiences?