Any PPO breakfasts in 2021?

I haven’t seen any news on this, but are any of the in-park restaurants offering pre-park-opening breakfast reservations? I’ve done CRT, CP, and H&V in years’ past, but didn’t know if that was a thing in the Covid-era. My ADR day is coming up next week and I haven’t finalized my plans yet.

H&V would be your only shot right now as they are the only in park table service open for brealfast currently.

I don’t think H&V have any reservations before park opening.

And going forward I don’t think PPO breakfasts will return, except as part of a paid up-charge event.

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H&V breakfast hours start 30 minutes before the official HS opening, looking at what the WDW site shows for today. But since everyone is currently allowed park entry about 45 min early, having an ADR for that earliest time does not appear to give you an advantage.


And in fact would be detrimental as you would miss out on that time to ride in order to eat.