Any possible way to get back a deleted personalized plan?

I am so frustrated.

I was looking at possibly rearranging which parks we are doing on which days of our Feb 2015 trip. I had made a copy of a plan to see if it worked better on a different day. I attempted to delete the copy, but apparently I clicked the wrong delete button and removed a different plan all together. I have no idea what was in the plan other than the ADRs and fastpass attractions as I had them in another file.

Is there any hope for me to get my data back?

flag for @Lentesta

Do you have the URL of the plan? I could try. I don’t think it’s possible though. :frowning:

Unfortunately I don’t. But no worries I think I was able to figure out a workable plan based on the attractions we didn’t hit on our other MK day. I did my FP+ selections last night and got everything we were looking for so we should be all set for our trip.

I am a web developer so I can appreciate you taking the time to look into it and responding. Thus I am doubly embarrassed to have had to ask as I am usually the one delivering the bad news to an end user that their data is gone.

Again thanks for responding and thanks for the site and app, it has made our planning infinitely easier. Also just wanted to add I am a huge fan of the Disney Dish podcast.


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