Any POR tips or recommendations?

Had been planning on POFQ but decided to go with the play, stay, dine and the CR I had said it wasn’t available there, but I could book at POR with garden view. Any tips or room recs?? We will be going Early January - I have some concerns with busses and the walk to/from rooms after long days with 2 small kids. Figure it will be too cold for pools and not sure i should worry about being close to lobby/restaurants.

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The royal rooms are very close to the lobby and bus stop. Might be fun with kids.

We LOVE PORS! and we choose it over deluxe resorts.

While large, the fact the resort has 4 bus stops is actually quite nice. There will be one very close to your room regardless of where you stay.

I would request 1st floor with the strollers so you can just roll right in.

How small are the kids? They have an EXCELLENT pirate adventure for kids that sails from PORS.

Go to YeHaBob - and bring the kids. Everyone loves it and has a great time.

Royal room is a different room category, and not a requestable option.

Mansion rooms that are not royal are the most centrally located.

Food court get’s busy. Great make your own pasta and salads. Boatwrights is a legit dining option.

Staff is wonderful.

Go swimming at night in a quiet pool when you get home from the parks - it’s wonderful.

Cell coverage is better on the parking lot side of the buildings.

Stroll the river alone in the AM - and in January you might have some fog, very cool.

Boat to DTD is nice, but DTD is a wreck right now and will be still in January. If you’ve ever thought of eating at SSR or OKW you can boat to those resorts as well with a connection at DTD.

Old Man Island main pool is really fun - there is a hot tub and excellent staff at the pool bar.

PORS is a BEAUTIFUL resort. It’s a shame that it does not have balconies to sit and enjoy how pretty it is. Tranquil but just an excellent family atmosphere.


We love it too @MagicMN! Excellent post!

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great post @MagicMN we’ve booked POR for our first trip in June, can’t wait.
@hetkerdisney this link here shows a map and if you click on the buildings then the rooms you can see the view and location of each

@MagicMN pretty much covered it all! I love walking the grounds at night as well as early morning! They use lights to make the grounds magical! Make sure you take advantage of the bus stop closest to your room to reduce the walk!

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Thanks everyone!

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I’ll second what @Quattro4 said about using the room finder. That has the view from every room, and you can filter by walking distance to the bus stops.

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Look at it has a ton of information.

We love POR and stay there every time.

Your post has made me more excited for our trip in Dec. we’re staying at PORS RR.


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