Any point to Disability Pass + MaxPass for lines?

Hi there,

I’ve been reading about the MaxPass as a sort of successor to FastPass. I know it also adds photo downloads, in addition to quicker lines. I do like photos w/my fave characters a lot!

Besides that, is there any reason to also get MaxPass if I am already using my Disability Pass (DAS Card)? It looks like MaxPass has an app access, as opposed to having to travel to a kiosk each time for the Disability pass? has not been updated to include MaxPass mention.

I’ve done some googling and happened to learn from this but of course wondering for any other perspectives

Thank you for any clarity.

I don’t know must about using DAS but I do know that people are raving about MaxPass. I feel it’s expensive to add for my family, but the one day we tried, it was SO convenient. We were able to relax and enjoy our morning rather than my husband & I taking turns chasing down FPs for Guardians of the Galaxy & Radiator Springs Racers. I felt like we were able to make much better use of FastPass in general without as much work. However, since we have APs and are a family, I can’t quite come to terms with how much extra adding MaxPass permanently would be for us, so we do without. But it was a great luxury not to have to criss-cross, hop & go over the river & through the woods for all the FastPasses
If you’re party is small though, then I don’t see a reason why not to get MaxPass as well!