Any pin sellers in the US (faster shipping than HK) for cheap pins for my 9 year old?

Last time we were at Disney (4 years ago) my DD spent ll of her spending money ($50) on 4 pins for her lanyard. I know some people view these as collectible but to me they are tiny pieces of metal and I am not too keen on her spending so much money on them this time. I know she is going to want one for each coaster since she is already talking about that so I know that is $40 gone already. :slight_smile: I would like to buy a small lot…that way she can do some trading with Cast Members since she won’t trade any of the special ones she actually selects in the stores. We leave in 2 weeks so I don’t want 3 week shipping from HK. Any reputable US seller? I would like to pay $1-3 per pin if possible.

I bought a lot of 75 for about $30 on ebay for Christmas. It was a really good mixed bag. They are genuine, with the markings on the backs. Just search the listings for US sellers.

@disney1974 is right, eBay is the way to go.if you have any questions about sellers selling fakes or scrapers make sure to checkout the buyers comments. I’m not an expert by any means but if the pins are - less than 1$ 2$ each ,it’s probably likely they are fakes.

I did the ebay thing too for our kids first pin trading experience. Got about 50 mixed random pins for about $25-$30 including shipping. It was fun to see what we got, some were actually cute that they wanted to keep and some were “traders”, lol. Good way to gt a bunch for them to trade without spending a lot!

@swim95navy here’s a name of an eBay seller I’ve used several times ,he’s not my brother, or my buddy’s uncle. Just a reputable seller"disneytradingpins4u " he lives in California. Good luck.

I think I’ve purchased from this same seller! Very good experience if so.

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I ended up buying 25 for $15 shipped and received it in just a few days. Most were the smaller sized hidden mickeys (evidently given to cast members to trade, I didn’t know) but there are a few full sized ones including a minnie mouse eiffel tower which is really cute. Says Disney Paris on the back and a few that are “limited edition 1000”. I assume they are legit, the seller lives just outside of Orlando and they have all the appropriate markings. DD9 had a great time going through them and proclaimed she was going to keep half and trade half. Money well spent. Thanks for the tips.

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