Any news on Trail's End re-opening date?

I’ve googled a bit and haven’t come up with anything – has anyone heard anything yet? Last info I saw said “summer 2023” for the quick service revamped version. We’ll be there 2nd week of September so in theory it’ll be back by then… I’m really curious what all they’ll be serving. If it’s basically the same stuff as the carryout counter has, that’d be fine with me!

We were there a week ago and mid-summer was what we heard. I think it’s just going to be a marketplace though not a restaurant. There are a bunch of food trucks there but the food options are a bit limited.

mid-summer, eh? Hmmmmm, seems like something ought to be happening soon, then :thinking:

They were definitely working hard on the construction.

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I pulled this from an April article on the Disney Food Blog:

We headed over to Trail’s End to check things out for ourselves and noted that while the restaurant is indeed closed, the downstairs portion of the dining room is still open for folks who order something from Crockett’s Tavern or P&J’s Southern Takeout for the time being. The upstairs part is closed!

It’s time to say “goodbye” to buffets and all-you-can-eat skillets at Trail’s End Restaurant for now as we wait for the updated spot to reopen in the summer with a “marketplace concept with expanded quick service options.”

If you’re at Fort Wilderness and looking for other places to eat, know that Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, P&J’s Southern Takeout, and The Chuck Wagon food truck are available. You can also hop to other nearby resorts to check out their food options.

Crockett’s is completely closed. P&Js is mobile order only. There is no soda machine in the settlement area which is a big pain. You have to fill up at the pool.

Also, just so you’re aware there is a bit at the Settlement that takes you to WL so you can take advantage of dining options there. We ate at WCC which is similar food wise to TE (albeit more expensive) with more entertainment. I’m almost glad TE was closed because otherwise I wouldn’t have WCC and it was one of our favorite meals.

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oh yep – also i just realized i wasn’t very clear in my earlier post. We’ll be in WDW in Sept but we’re not actually staying at the Fort this time around. We do like the boat ride over from MK though and if the fried chicken is back and there’s a place indoors where you can sit and eat your fried chicken, we might stop by at some point. :smiley:

The fried chicken is available always at P&Js Southern take our and it’s an incredible value - family meal might be the best value on property. TE wasn’t actually offering fried chicken anymore before it closed. Currently it’s outdoor seating only for P&Js and it’s quite shaded so it wasn’t too bad even last week. I Woody imagine the new marketplace will be open by September though so you should be able to grab P&Js and sit in the new seating area.