Any Marriot Good Neighbor Hotels at WDW?

Are there any Marriot good neighbor hotels at WDW? I’ve been reading some articles of lists, but they aren’t very clear. Do any of them get early entry or the ability to buy LL at the Disney resort guest time? Thanks
Update: Sorry, I should have said besides the Swan and Dolphin, they’re too pricey.

Swan, Dolphin, and Swan Reserve! Very popular options, fantastic location.

And they are considered “on site” so they get Deluxe evening hours, ILLs at 7am and early entry.

Here’s the official list of Good Neighbor hotels. Marriott has so many brands, I’ll let you search for specific ones. Browse Good Neighbor Hotels

Here’s the official list of hotels that get ETPE (Early Theme Park Entry).

As @ISUamanda suggested, the Swan/Dolphin/Reserve trio of Marriott hotels are on property (snugged in between EP and HS, by YC/BC and BW), and get all the early entry perks and Deluxe hotel perks as if they were those next to them. They just are not on the list of “Good Neighbor” hotels, which was your original request.

How strange! I wonder why they aren’t? They are such a major part of the WDW hotel ecosphere. Basically Swan/Dolphin/Reserve and Shades of Green are fully “on property” but not Disney-run hotels that have always (or at least almost always) gotten the equivalent benefits as Disney run onsite hotels.

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I think it’s because they (not meaning Swalphin/SOG) are “Good Neighbor” ones, and are all off-site (meaning not even the DS group), and are treated like 4th-class citizens (after the Disney-owned ones, then the SOG/Swalphin, then DS group). The site emphasizes “value”, and says they’re all 2-14 miles away.

ETA: Good Neighbor = Outside the bubble.

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Disney keeps adding classifications for “Other Hotels” as more options come about.

The link from WDW site has six different options

  • Dolphin and Swan (Marriott Properties) Only Mariott with any real extra benefits
  • Disney Springs Hotels ( No Mariott Properties)
  • Four Seasons Hotel ( not Marriott)
  • Bonnet Creek Hotels (mostly Hilton hotels but one JW Marriott hotel)
  • WDW Gateway Hotels (6 low-price hotels at Flamingo Crossing, 3 Mariott, and 3 Hilton)
  • Good Neighbor Hotels ( Dozens of various offsite locations including Marriotts)

The first five are all “on-site” or so close that they are almost on-site

We’ve stayed several times at the Flamingo Crossing Springhill Suites. You need your own car but it is extremely close, convenient and reasonably priced.

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