Any luck with Early Check Ins Lately?

We are arriving on July 4th and staying in a studio at OKW. Our plane lands at 9:30 a.m. and I’m really hoping we can get into our room by early afternoon for a rest before our late evening. Anyone have any luck with early check-ins lately, particularly at OKW?

Yes, but it’s not a guarantee. I always say I’m arriving first thing in the morning (even if I’m not) to try to get my room asap.

ETA: Once I called front desk at OKW to try to get in early b/c I wasn’t feeling well and they bent over backwards to get a room ready asap


I had to grab an extra day-of room at POFQ because of a flight cancellation earlier this week. Booked it at 10:00 AM, set a 12:00 PM arrival time, my room was ready at 11:30.

I think if you don’t care about your room request, you can often (but not always) get an early check-in.