Any logistical advantages to on property?

Right now I have a reservation at the Holiday Inn DS - counting that as on property since it would get most of the advantages. However, is there any real advantage to being on property? The only thing I can think of is transportation. We won’t have a car and plan to Uber in the morning. So we’d only use the buses at night.

I found this article very helpful.


Charging to your room? That’s literally all I can think of apart from resort transport and DME.


Everything is touchless pay now and you can still use your magicband for charging even if not in property, right? I’ve used Apple Pay on my phone too.

How many in your party? We have a trip planned for April. With social distancing, I don’t know if we will be able to Uber with four people. Previously, DH sat in front with driver. Interested what others have experienced with Uber so watching your thread…

It’s just two of us for this trip - but that’s a good question. Wonder what the restrictions are…

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You can’t charge using your magic band unless you’re staying on property.

Forgot about the mobile ordering for QS - that doesn’t allow for magic bands. But TS and shops still allow magic band charging I believe.

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I guess that was never explained to me. I incorrectly assumed since MDE had a charging ability for Mobil orders and my magic band was there I could still charge with it. TY. That explains why I was told I didn’t have charging set up :joy:

I think Lyft doesn’t allow riders up front anymore; from what I can tell Uber does but they discourage it, to so I’m not sure I would count on it being available.

But we have always used Uber XL at WDW because there are 5 of us, an no one sat with the driver.
So even if your DH doesn’t sit up front, you should be okay, although usually costs at least 50% more than regular Uber. We never had a problem finding one, though.

Thanks so much! We could just get 2 separate Uber/Lyfts. We wouldn’t sit in front.

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If there are 4 of you, an Uber XL should work without anyone sitting with the driver. It’ll be cheaper than 2 Ubers and you get to stay together. I have never been in an Uber XL that didn’t have three rows- usually they are large SUVs or minivans. We usually put two in the back, three in the second row and only the driver in front.

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Thanks for the advice! Will note to order Uber XL.

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To clarify the charging to your MB: you can only do it if staying at a Disney hotel on property. Not the DS hotels. Not Swan/Dolphin. That’s because using your MB to charge a purchase is really charging it to your hotel room - your Disney hotel room.


Yes that’s what I understand

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Yep and that’s normal - I’ve stayed at dolphin prior to Covid be pretty sure that was the case then as well